{% search %}

Use this tag to search the site for pages matching the given search term
Syntax: {% search [new_variable_name] [output_to_template] search_term start:1 page:1 limit:25 %}

Note: You MUST include at least one of a variable name to assign the articleto or "output_to_template". You MAY include both, in which case the variable name should precede "output_to_template".


The search tag allows you to specify how many results should be returned, and starting at what number. While there is only one limit field, there are two ways to determine the pagination. The first is to specify the start number (1-based). The second is to specify the page number (also 1-based). Eg:

{% search ... start:4 %} OR {% search ... page:2 %}

If both the start and page arguments are present, the page argument will be ignored.