{% img %}

This tag is a shortcut for displaying an image saved in the CMS. It outputs the image as an img tag, optionally wrapped in a link.
Syntax: {% img Image|Guid|"Name" [link:true|false|"url"] [link_class:"class_for_anchor_tag"] [attribute1:"add or edit an img attribute"] [attribute2:"etc..."] %}

If there is a page for the selected image, the img tag will be surrounded by an anchor tag with a link to the image page. To exclude the link, use link:false. To use a custom link, use link:"custom/url".

This tag will accept any number of parameters and evaluate them before including them as attributes of the image tag. This includes the alt, title, width, and height attributes but does NOT include the src attribute.

Template: {% img entity.featured_image %} Output: <a href="http://www.domain.com/path/to/image/page"><img src="http://www.domain.com/path/to/img.jpg" alt="Image Alt Text" title="Image Title" width="Image Width" height="Image Height" /></a> Template: {% img "Img for Homepage" link:false title:"Back to Home Page" %} Output: <img src="http://www.domain.com/path/to/img.jpg" alt="Image Alt Text" title="Back to Home Page" width="Image Width" height="Image Height" />