{% image_url %}

Use this tag to get the URL for an image with the desired presets applied.
Syntax: {% image_url [new_variable_name] [output_to_template] Image [name:"filename"] [extension:"ext"] ["code1" [code2 [etc...]]] %}

Note: You MUST include at least one of a variable name to assign the Authorto or "output_to_template". You MAY include both, in which case the variable name should precede "output_to_template".

You may include as many image preset codes as desired. Additionally, you may include multiple codes in a single string by separating them with spaces.

{% image_url output_to_template entity.image %} {% image_url variable page.banner_image name:"home-banner" "banner-size" "sepia-simple" %} {% capture imageCode %}thumb-{{size}} border-{{bordercolor}}{% endcapture %} {% image_url variable output_to_template img.GUID extension:"png" "transparent20" "border10" imageCode %}