{{ request }}

The request object is available on every page, and contains information regarding the request that may be useful for serving and rendering the page.


String domain
The domain of the current request
true/false use_ssl
True if the page is being loaded via the 'https' scheme
String path
The part of the URL after the domain, including the leading '/' but not including the query string parameters or hash
String query_string
Everything after the '?' character in the URL (excluding the hash, of course)
QueryParams query_params
Object containing all of the query string parameters for the current page.
String url
The full URL of the current page - including the scheme, the domain, the path, and the query string
DateTime date
The date that the server began processing the request (in UTC)
String user_agent
The User Agent supplied by the current request
Object cookies
Object containing all of the cookies for the current site/domain, which may be accessed using the following syntax:
{{ request.cookies['cookieName'] }} - or used as a conditional with {% if request.cookies contains 'cookieName' %}