{{ menu_item }}


String object_type
Will always be "menu_item"
true/false is_valid
Indicates whether or not this references a menu_item.
String value
Synonymn for guid, but translated as a string.
String output
The default output that the menu_item would produce if it were output. Note that the output could change depending on other template-related factors. The string returned from this property will always reflect the current template context (so referencing this property in different locations/templates could produce different strings).
List items
A list containing all of the sub-menu items that are direct children of the current menu item.
Guid guid
Guid menu_guid
menu menu
Guid parent_menu_item_guid
menu_item menu_item
String name
String href
true/false open_in_new_tab
String description
String content
Guid image_guid
image image
Integer depth
Integer order
Date date_created