{{ form_field }}


String object_type
Will always be "form_field"
true/false is_valid
Indicates whether or not this references a form_field.
String value
Synonymn for guid, but translated as a string.
String output
The default output that the form_field would produce if it were output. Note that the output could change depending on other template-related factors. The string returned from this property will always reflect the current template context (so referencing this property in different locations/templates could produce different strings).
string id
The field ID - which will be used both in the form submission to identify how the field should be saved and in processing conditional fields and form validation.
string condition_property
A helper property which should be placed on the element that should be hidden when the condition is NOT met for this field/group. This property may be placed on multiple elements if desired.
string validation_placeholder
A helper property containing an empty span which should be used to display validation error messages if a field fails to validate.
string form_element
A helper property containing markup for the element to be displayed in the form. Note that this does not include the label, class, condition, validation, or any other markup around the field - including child fields of groups.
List fields
If this "form field" is a group - this list contains all of the sub-fields (including sub-groups, if applicable) that are direct children of the current group.
Object configuration
A generic object reflecting the congiruation of this form field. This object includes all of the optional parameters for specific field types - such as the options and delimiters for a select list, or the timezone and format for a date field.
varies varies
Each of the officially-supported configuration options may be accessed on the form_field object. If an option is not specified, the value in the form_field property will be null/empty: NOT ALL OF THESE OPTIONS HAVE BEEN FULLY IMPLEMENTED. Please ask Marketpath for clarification if you have any unanswered questions.
Guid guid
Guid site_guid
Guid form_guid
form form
Guid group_guid
form_field form_field
String class
true/false is_readonly
String map_to_user_attribute
String type
String label
String subtext
String default_value
String properties
String condition
String validators
true/false is_required
String required_message
Integer order
Date date_created