{{ form }}


String object_type
Will always be "form"
true/false is_valid
Indicates whether or not this references a form.
String value
Synonymn for guid, but translated as a string.
String output
The default output that the form would produce if it were output. Note that the output could change depending on other template-related factors. The string returned from this property will always reflect the current template context (so referencing this property in different locations/templates could produce different strings).
List fields
A list containing all of the form fields that are direct children of the current form. Note that any fields (or groups) that are part of a parent group will NOT be included in this list - they will be included as child fields of the group that they belong to.
string form_start
A helper property to assist in creating the form markup. This property includes the form tag with a unique id that will be used by the javascript included by the FormEnd property for processing conditional fields, form validation, and form submissions.
string form_end
A helper property to assist in creating the form markup. This property includes the end form tag as well as some javascript that will be used to assist in processing conditional fields, form validation, and form submissions.
string form_unique_identifier
A helper property containing a unique ID for this instance of this form. Every time this form is output - either from this instance or from multiple instances - it should have a different ID. Specifically, every time the FormEnd property is accessed the unique ID will be reset to a new value (thereby preventing conflicting javascript code and element identifiers).
string form_submit_target
A helper property in case you decide to build and submit the form without using the form_start and form-end properties. This property contains the URL that the form must be submitted to in order to be recorded by the Marketpath CMS as a form submission.
folder_collection folders
The list of folders associated with this form
page_collection pages
The list of pages created from this form
Guid guid
String redirect_url
String email_notification_recipients
Guid template_override_guid
Guid site_guid
Date date_created
String name
The entity name. This field is primarily intended for internal use by website administrators to identify objects.
String title
Guid default_page_guid
page page
String default_page_url


This object may be extended by defining custom fields in a template, then creating a page for this object using that template and saving it. Once the page has been saved, any custom fields that are assigned to the entity for that page may be accessed anywhere that entity is accessed using the following syntax:

{{entity.field_name}} - shortcut for {{entity.field_name.output}}. Recommended for most use cases. {{entity.field_name.output}} - formatted output from the custom field. Exact format depends on the type of the custom field. {{entity.field_name.value}} - will output the non-formatted value.

Some field types have additional properties (eg: {{entity.checkboxlist.values}}). Additional details may be found in the custom fields section of the documentation.