{{ Checkboxlist }}

Represents multiple true/false values


true/false is_valid
Always true
String field_id
The name of the custom field
String value
Delimited string containing the values from all of the checked checkboxes
String properties
Any additional properties used to configure this field, including the optional delimiter and value delimiter characters
String output
HTML containing the text from all of the checked checkboxes, using the format:
<span class="mp-field-value mp-field-checkboxlist"><span class="mp-field-value mp-field-checkboxlist-selection">Selected Field 1</span> <span class="mp-field-value mp-field-checkboxlist-selection>Etc...</span></span>
Dictionary<string, string> options
A dictionary containing all of the available options for this checkboxlist where the dictionary key is the option value and the dictionary value is the option text
List<string> values
A list containing the text from all of the checked checkboxes

Sample Use

<p>Seating Apparatus: {{ entity.checkboxlist }}<p> {% if entity.checkboxlist.values contains "Bring Your Own Blanket" %} <Please bring your own blanket to sit on> {% endif %}